Modify your garage door. Carriage house style Faux Window vinyl appliqués upgrade your curb appeal –

“Add class without the glass!”

Amp Mod Kits

BitMo modifications remove mud, add clarity, and generally make your amp a BitMo combobulated. Several of the kits add multiple voicings and reverb. 

Pedal Mod Kits

10-uator Kits

The BitMo mods reconfigure your pedal's circuitry to give different (and better) voicings while greatly smoothing and extending the over-drive range.

BitMo™  (Bruce Hutcheon) has been providing highly acclaimed

mod kits for guitar amps, pedals and garage doors for over a decade.

Modification Kits

Faux Windaux

Attenuators give you control over the amp's output volume independent of the drive level allowing cranked output tube distortion at more reasonable volume.